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Why Exercise with us?

Mobile reformer pilates trainer in London

"My name is Gina Papadopolous and I am a mobile Pilates trainer providing personalised training in London. We all aspire to lead a healthy and fit life and I am here to help make that dream a reality."

Reformer Pilates 2u means that we come to your door step, tours, business trips with our own lightweight portable reformer.

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With our portable reformer

Most often, the thing that stands in our way of achieving our fitness dreams is the jam-packed lifestyles we all lead. Between work, family life, social life, many of us haven't got the time to fit in trips to the gym or make it to a pilates or reformer pilates classes.

Luckily, at Reformer Pilates 2u, we offer a unique solution. Mobile Reformer pilates at home in London.
We travel to your home and fit our carefully-designed combination of reformer pilates and nutrition advice around your lifestyle and work and travel schedule.

Missing a pilates classes or exercises in general is not good for our stress levels and health and not having the time to go before or after work will become a thing of the past as we bring our second-to-none service to your door so you can exercise in the privacy and comfort of your own space. Forget everything you know about the crowded yoga and reformer pilates classes that run in gyms and studios.

We believe you shouldn't have to choose between a busy life and being healthy, happy and slim. 'Reformer Pilates 2u' offers reformer pilates at home in London, traveling with you on tour or business trips so that you no longer have to.
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Insured By: Covea Insurance
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